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  • Hangzhou Tianzhi Industrial Co., Ltd.

    About us

    Hangzhou Tianzhi Industrial Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in feed premixes, feed additives, veterinary drug additives product R & D, production, trade integration of science and technology enterprises. The company is located in the field mouth SME Venture Park District, about 50 kilometers from the provincial capital Hangzhou, Fuyang City Economic and Technological Development Zone, covers an area of ??21 acres, adjacent to the beautiful and fertile Fuchun River, convenient transportation and superior environment, a large pool of talent.

    Company Profile specification GMP workshop and standard plant, equipped with advanced production equipment and laboratory analytical instruments. Have extensive and in-depth cooperation and contact with experts and scholars of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Zhejiang University and other research institutions and universities. Now market products: feed premix, feed additives, veterinary drugs and additives.

    Since its creation, has always been a first-class brand, first-class product, first-class service for the corporate pursuit; quality-oriented, the supremacy of credibility for business purposes; competitive prices, attentive service approach to business; sincere and trustworthy, fair and reasonable business philosophy; 100% qualified products, customer satisfaction 100% working principles; friendly environment, treat their employees the responsibility for the operation. Forward-looking and pragmatic, hard work and sincere cooperation with our customers, and win-win.

    Looking to the future, the company will adhere to the belief that the development of endless firmly establish an awareness and demanding product quality, adhere to the brand strategy, always grasp the development trend of the industry, the use of existing resources advantages, efforts to carry out technological innovation, market innovation and management innovation, so product research and development, production and marketing process more systematic, standardized and continuously enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, to consolidate and strengthen its market position, doing fine and stronger, to better meet the needs of our users.

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